Making Tax Time More Bearable

The old saying that all that's certain in life is death and taxes is certainly true when it comes to paying the government your tax bill. Most people don't eagerly anticipate tax season, but since doing your taxes is mandatory, it makes sense to make it as enjoyable as possible. While you're completing your federal income tax papers, take action to complete the tax in as painless a way as possible.

Have a Tax Prep Party

Invite a few friends and family members over and everyone can work on their taxes at the same time. This way you will be able to chat with loved ones and have support when the going gets tough. A tax party also provides free help if you get stuck or are confused about something. Make the party even more entertaining by offering incentives. For example, award a restaurant gift card to the person who finishes filling out tax forms first or make a pact that whoever gets the largest tax return owes everyone dinner or a drink.

Get Comfortable

Don't just sit down at the kitchen table to do your taxes. Instead, change into your most comfortable pajamas, pour yourself a glass of wine or cup of tea and put on some of your favorite music. This way, you're building enjoyable activities into doing your taxes, which will help make the task more bearable. Along the same lines, don't try to do your taxes when your kids are awake. Either send them to their grandparent's house or wait until they are in bed. Listening to children ask you a million questions or whine that they're hungry will interfere with your concentration, as well as make you uncomfortable.

Take a Planning Break

Stop when you're about halfway done with your taxes. Browse the internet or look through travel books and plan how you'll spend your tax refund. Explore potential vacation or day trip options or visit your favorite shopping websites and create a wish list of new shoes, electronics or books you'd like to buy. Looking forward to using your tax refund will help you power through the rest of your tax forms.

Just Get It Over With

No, it's not fun, but as soon as you have all of your documentation, sit down and just get your taxes done. With the knowledge that you're already done, you can go about your life without your taxes looming over your head.

You can always hire professional tax services, such as Capital Accounting And Tax Service Inc, to do your taxes for you and completely remove the stress and hassle from your plate.