3 Things You Can Do To Help Reduce Your Property Taxes

As you probably already know, taxes are one of the few things in this life that you can consider a sure thing. Unfortunately, there simply is no magic formula that will allow you to avoid paying taxes altogether. However, this does not mean that you simply need to accept the amount of your property taxes as though it was written in stone. In fact, not only is it quite possible to reduce the amount of your property taxes, but accomplishing this goal can actually be much easier than you think when using the three tips below. 

Make Sure You Report Downgrades To Your Property

While that old shed out back may have functionally served as nothing more than an eyesore on your property for the last several years, the simple fact that this structure existed could actually have resulted in an increase in your property tax rates. This is because any structures that are built on the property inevitably raise the property's value. Since property value is one of the main factors that determine the amount of your annual tax bill, it is important to report any downgrades to your property, such as tearing down a shed or removing a swimming pool.

Take The Time To Carefully Review Your Home's Last Appraisal 

Just because you may be good about updating information with the property clerk's office regarding changes to your property does not mean that previous owners were just as diligent. Oftentimes homeowners will find that there are mistakes or outdated information listed on the appraisal card filed with the property clerk. Correcting these mistakes can result in a reduction in your property taxes if depreciation has occurred since the time this information was first recorded. For instance, while the installation of energy-efficient windows can increase your property value and therefore the amount of property taxes that you pay, the value that these windows add to your home will continually decrease each year as the windows age. 

Don't Let An Appraiser Do A Self Guided Tour

While you may be comfortable allowing an appraiser to wander around your home unaccompanied, self-guided tours are never a good idea when getting an updated appraisal on your home. This is because you really are the best authority when it comes to both the good and the not-so-good features of your home. Taking the time to accompany the appraiser as they make their way through your home will allow you to ensure that they see both the good and the bad features that contribute to your home's true value. Achieving a fair and accurate appraisal can go a long way towards reducing your property taxes.

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