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How To Set Up Payroll Services

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When starting up a business it is important to ensure that the payroll services are set up correctly to make sure that there are no accounting issues. One small mistake could lead to someone not getting paid for their work, or lead to a massive accounting error that could cause the government to audit you at a later date. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up your payroll services for your small business. Register The Business With The Government The first step to setting up payroll is to ensure that the business is registered with...

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No 1099? Here’s How To Avoid Tax Return Mishaps

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Earning extra money through an online work from home job definitely helps improve finances. Be mindful, however, tax liabilities come with the added income. Domestic employers file a 1099-Misc, a form that reports both to you and the IRS any “miscellaneous” earned income. If the employer is based overseas, however, no 1099 is likely to be filed and you are still required to report and pay taxes. To avoid audits, fines, and penalties, follow a few extra steps to avoid oversights and ensure all income is reported. Check the Deposits...

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3 Important Tips For Filing Your Taxes

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The proper handling of taxes are vitally important to your finances. When the middle of April rolls around, you will need to be sure that you are doing your best to get your taxes filed properly and completely. In that regard, some of these great tips will help you out and make it so that you are putting your best foot forward to get the most out of your finances. Take advantage of this information so that you can have a successful tax year, with all of your ducks in a row.  #1: Compile All Of The Data And Documentation That You Need If...

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Do You Owe At Tax Time? Don’t Panic! Take These Steps Instead

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So, you found out that you owe more taxes when you prepared your return.  Now what? The answer is that you should probably take two concrete steps to deal with the news.  First, you need to deal with the taxes due for last year.  Then, you’ll want to address any changes you need to make to avoid this happening again.   Payment Options The IRS does give taxpayers some choices when it comes to paying what they owe.  You can, of course, pay by check or credit card by April 15.  The amount can also be withdrawn...

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Need Some Extra Deductions For Your Taxes? See If You Qualify For Any Of These

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If you’re working on your taxes, you might be a little apprehensive about taking that final step of filing them with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If you get that you’re missing something, there may very well be a good reason for it. Many people miss some deductions that can bring their adjusted gross income into a lower tax bracket. Before you file, check to see if any of these tax deduction apply and enter them into your forms for a lower tax liability. Mileage for Charity The IRS not only allows a charitable donation...

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