3 Things You Can Do To Help Reduce Your Property Taxes

As you probably already know, taxes are one of the few things in this life that you can consider a sure thing. Unfortunately, there simply is no magic formula that will allow you to avoid paying taxes altogether. However, this does not mean that you simply need to accept the amount of your property taxes as though it was written in stone. In fact, not only is it quite possible to reduce the amount of your property taxes, but accomplishing this goal can actually be much easier than you think when using the three tips below.

Working as an Independent Consultant? 3 Tax Tips

Being an independent consultant has become more popular. As an independent consultant, you work for a company but are not directly employed by them. Generally, you sell products to customers through personal connections and in-person events. You may also earn commissions on the sales of consultants that you recruit. As an independent consultant, you are considered a direct seller for tax filing purposes. There are certain tips and rules you need to keep in mind when it comes to filing your taxes.